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Moving households is already hard enough to accomplish. Company relocation, whether locally or interstate, is thus a Herculean task. In other words, the difference between a residential and a commercial move is like night and day. In order to move a company without significantly disrupting regular business operations, the process should be carefully planned and expertly executed. But worry not. This can be possible simply by choosing only the best commercial movers Dallas TX. Read on.

The Significance of References

When looking for the best commercial movers Dallas TX, you will definitely need references. Essentially, gathering price estimates and references from several corporate movers should be done many months prior to the actual moving date. Check your local phone book for a list of commercial moving companies in your area. Call or visit each one and request for references. Call the businesses included in the reference list for confirmation.

On the Subject of Insurance

Whether local or interstate, commercial movers should offer insurance against loss and breakage, which may either cover limited liability or full replacement value. Insurance with limited liability is not your best option, as the basis is an agreed price per weight of the commercial property to be moved instead of the actual monetary value. Simply put, when your commercial business’ computers and other costly yet small gadgets get lost during the gigantic moving process, you might not receive fair enough replacement compensation. Therefore, insurance with full replacement value is recommended for commercial moves.

Seek necessary advice from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding consumer rights. FMCSA can also provide you with insurance and safety records of your prospect movers. The best commercial movers Dallas TX should be able to provide a certificate of insurance with the owner of the building you’re moving into listed under the additional insurance. This protects you against potential losses or injury claims of movers inevitable in the moving process.

Price Estimates and Fees

One other major thing to consider during your search is the price estimate, or how much a commercial moving company charges. Their services can either be charged per hour or at a net cost with the estimate as basis. Between the two, the net cost is relatively cheaper. In other words, you should be careful and pay attention to the details of a contract before signing.

A good moving company sends a supervisor to personally inspect and assess your business property to be moved, so as to provide better accuracy in the price estimate. Make sure that the company you select provides accommodation of items that must be specially handled.

Your Final Decision

Make your final decision by discussing with each prospect company the specific process they intend to follow, from planning down to actual implementation. Compare each one carefully so that moving can be done safely and efficiently.

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