Moving Your Business: Tips from Expert Dallas Commercial Movers

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Moving your Texas office or shop to a new location poses a lot of challenges. For one, you need to ensure that your business is not disrupted too much; and for another, you want your existing customers to not be too inconvenienced by the downtime.  To ensure that your move happens swiftly and efficiently, you need to plan in advance and coordinate with your chosen Dallas commercial movers.

Whether you’re moving because you’re expanding, you want a more strategic location, or your current lease is about to expire, you will find these tips below helpful:

Make a Schedule

Once you decide to move your business to another location, the first thing you need to do is make a timeline.  Determine the amount of time you need to prepare your new office or shop, as well as the time needed to get the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance.

You also need to allot time to pack your equipment, furniture, and files. Mark the dates when you will trim down operations, halt business altogether if needed, and when it will resume in your new office.

Inform Those Concerned

Among the people who need to be informed beforehand are your employees, your suppliers, and your customers.

Your people need to be told first, around three to six months before you move.  Also, train them to answer clients’ questions about the relocation to avoid worries or misunderstanding.

Your suppliers need to be told one to three months prior so they can update their database with your new billing and shipping address.  You can let your customers know a month before by making the necessary announcements on your website, social media accounts, and through email.

You also need to get your new letterhead and business cards ready, and your directory listings updated.

Hire Your Movers

It’s never too early to begin searching for the right Dallas commercial movers to assist in your move.  Make sure to do your research before making a decision, get estimates, find out about insurance policies, ask about surcharges and hidden charges, and so on. Once you have made your choice, coordinate with them regarding your schedule.

Have Communication Facilities Working

Make sure that your utilities and communication providers are able to set up your equipment prior to your move.  This will ensure that your business gets up and running shortly after you occupy your new office or shop.

Delegate Work

You cannot do everything on your own, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.  Have some of your employees help in the process, although this could mean having to pull them out of their regular work.  If you intend to move on a staggered basis, determine which departments or employees will be assigned to the new location first.

Make sure you assign two coordinators: one in charge of packing and sending the boxes off; and the other, in charge of receiving the items at the other end.  With proper planning plus communication and coordination with your chosen Dallas commercial movers at Full House Moving, you and your team can make the move swiftly and efficiently.

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