Dallas Moving Company: 5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Dallas

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Dallas Moving Company: 5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Dallas Moving has become so much less stressful than it was many years before. Mostly, the ease is because of Dallas moving company that are efficient, cost-effective and knowledgeable about their area – like Full House Moving, a reputable Dallas moving company.

We at Full House Moving are experts in all things Dallas, Texas. As such we found it to be our responsibility to draw out a list of things that you should know before moving to our lovely city.

Dallas and its People

Dallas is a huge city in both land area and population. As of this year, the city has more than 1.3 million permanent residents living in the city. The city covers 343 square miles. In comparison, the whole of Manhattan is just 34 Miles – which is the same size as the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport alone.

It is the ninth most populated city in the country – after San Diego and before San Jose, California. People in Dallas are polite and friendly. They usually address people with sir and ma’am and would be the first to say hi or howdy to a total stranger.

Dallas and Food

Dallas is a foodie’s paradise. Unbeknownst to many, the city has more restaurants per capita than the famed New York City. From the famous Texan barbecue to seafood, Italian, Japanese or Tex-Mex, Dallas has everything that can satisfy your palette.

Dallas and Arts and Culture

New York, Boston and California are the first few states people think about when they consider moving for the art and culture seen. However, in the last few years Dallas has transformed into a total arts and culture destination. The city has quite a few museums – around 30 to be exact. Dallas has the largest collection of African-American art, the second best children’s museum and one of the most formidable collections of modern art down south.

The city is home to the Dallas Theater Center – one of the best playhouses across the United States. It also has an impressive orchestra group.

Dallas and Weather Dallas

Weather is pretty fantastic. While the summers can be scorching, the city enjoys mild winters, devoid of snowstorms and the hassles that come with it. Because of the very pleasant weather, most people in Dallas get to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. The city is home to amazing parks and lakes like the Klyde Warren Park and White Rock Lake. Dallas is perfect for outdoor lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

Dallas and Sports

Dallas natives are crazy about sports. Whether it is between two Universities or a major nationwide game, people in Dallas are passionate about supporting their teams.

The city is so enthusiastic about sporting events that the term “Super Bowl” actually came from Dallas. Native oil tycoon, Lamar Hunt, who was the owner of Kansas City Chiefs, jokingly coined the NFL championship as the “Super Bowl”.

Whether you are just visiting or completely moving, Dallas is both a great tourist destination and a fantastic place to live. What are you waiting for? Contact us, Full House Moving, at (469) 972-6625 and begin your new life in Dallas now.

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