Finding a Professional Moving Company Dallas TX

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There’s nothing more emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially draining than moving houses. If you happen to be in this situation, here are some helpful guidelines on choosing a professional moving company Dallas TX.

  1. First and foremost, your initial search should never be done online. That’s where most moving scams are found. The internet will come in handy after finishing with your local search.
  2. Instead, resort to your local phonebook and list down some moving companies closer to home. Choose one that has been in the moving industry for at least a decade. Try calling the office of the secretary of state. They can provide you the articles of incorporation, which will help you in verifying the accurate length of time a company has been doing business. Another thing, never ever settle for brokers. Presently, there are no sufficiently written consumer protection laws in relation to household goods brokerage. Make sure to check and call the references provided.
  3. Early on, it would save you from a whole lot of headache and stress if you ask if the company has regular employees, who are more seasoned and reliable. Shun any company that simply depends on subcontractors. Dropping by at the office for a random check on their facilities and trucks is a smart thing to do. What you see is what you get. If it doesn’t meet your standards, then let it go. Also pay attention to the trucks’ labels, making sure the marks are permanent. Most scammers magnetically attach the company logo on to rented trucks.
  4. Law requires any professional moving company Dallas TX to provide Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move pamphlets to clients. Cross out from your list companies that fail to do so.
  5. Call or visit each moving company on your list and ask for a price quote. As a rule, a professional moving company Dallas TX will typically send a representative to assess the items for moving. Don’t choose a company that gives an estimate made per cubic feet and don’t get pressured into signing paperwork that you haven’t fully understood. Ask about any unclear points of the contract and let the representative do his job of explaining them to you in full detail. Furthermore, ask the representative for the following company details:
    • Full company name and the length of time they’ve been in the moving industry.
    • Their office address, hotline, website, and email address.
    • Their DOT (Department of Transport) license numbers.
    • Their MC (Multi-combination) license numbers.
    • References.
  6. After ticking out the obviously unqualified companies from your list, make a deeper background check into the remaining ones with the help of the internet. Go to, which is the official website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA), and check the
    DOT and MC license numbers you took note of. If the numbers given to you are inaccurate or false, then the company is probably unreliable.

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