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Full House Moving isn’t your only choice, it’s your best choice for moving services Dallas TX.

Who We Are
At Full House Moving company in Dallas, we’re locally owned and operated. We’ve been moving residential homes for our clients for nearly two decades. We take pride in being licensed and insured as well as submitting to frequent inspections so that we can keep all of your belongings safe and secure during the relocation process. At Full House Moving, we treat your belongings like our own.

What We Offer
Full House moving company in Dallas, Texas is your premier moving services Dallas TX offering you everything you need associated with your move. Whether you are moving a residential home or apartment, a model home, an office or a high rise, we provide everything you need.

Residential Home Move
With a residential move, we’ll move everything in your old home safely to your new home. Don’t make your move stressful by trying to juggle time off work, truck rentals, and moving helpers. Call Full House Moving company in Dallas, Texas and let us handle all of it for your next stress free move.

Office Move
If you need to move your corporate office or just a single office, our friendly staff at Full House Moving Company can help you get it done efficiently. With our team of professionals, your move will be coordinated with both your old and new landlords for a quick and efficient manner. We’ll help you move your old office to your new one without compromising productivity and leaving you with large spans of downtime.

High Rise Move
Did you know that there are extra considerations you may not have thought of when moving into or out of a high-rise building? At Full House Moving Company, our professionals moving services Dallas TX are experienced and knowledgeable about everything from booking an elevator the day of your move to compliance with building property managers. If you need to move into or out of a high rise building, consider scheduling your move with us.

Always Choose Full House Moving Company in Dallas, Texas
From start to finish our team of experienced professionals will be there to help your move go as smooth as possible. We’ll start you out with a free estimate for your move. Then we’ll coordinate our plans with you, and your old and new landlords. We’ll move all your belongings, be it home or office, safely to your new home or office, always complying with building safety and property management requirements. We strive to deliver quality customer care while delivering your goods safely in a timely manner.

We always take care of your belongings as if they’re our own. We’re fully licensed and insured and all of our moving vehicles are fully equipped to give you peace of mind. Full House Moving company offers quality movers you can trust. If you want to rest easy and leave the hassle to the professionals moving services Dallas TX, always choose Full House Moving Company for your next move.

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