Apartment Moving Company Dallas TX

//Apartment Moving Company Dallas TX

How to Choose an Apartment Moving Company in Dallas, TX

There’s nothing more frustrating and depressing than finally unpacking your stuff in your apartment only to find out most of it has been lost during the move. To somehow help ease your burden, here are some tips in choosing an apartment moving company in Dallas, TX.

  • Ask friends and loved ones for references or recommendations. At least one of them should have some experience in moving at one point in life or another. This is your best shot at finding a truly reliable apartment moving company in Dallas, TX.
  • Check the phone book for local moving companies close to your residence. Furthermore, dig deeper and check each company’s background. A quick online research will save you from a load of headache that fraudulent movers can bring. Visit the Better Business Bureau’s website (bbb.org) or the American Moving and Storage Association (moving.org) to confirm if your prospective apartment moving company in Dallas, TX is a member. Members agree to follow and obey specific tariffs. However, do note that while AMSA membership is a big plus, the organization offers voluntary membership. Thus, being a non-member shouldn’t necessarily be reason enough to tick a company from your prospect list. To distinguish the bad apples from the good early in your search, check out movingscam.com. They can provide a blacklist of moving companies with a bad history and negative feedback from clients.
  • After crossing out the unreliable companies from your list, drop by at the offices of your prospects to ask for a price quote. A company that promptly sends an agent to your apartment for an accurate price estimate is most probably a good one. Punctuality and attention to detail show professionalism or the lack thereof. Never depend on a company that provides a price estimate without even taking a look at your stuff. If the move is to be made to another state, it would be wise to request a written binding quote or, better yet, a binding not-to-exceed quote. Either way, both will provide an accurate estimate of the moving services cost. Although non-binding quotes are legally accepted when offered free of charge, the final and actual cost you have to pay might be higher than estimated. In the specific case of interstate movers, binding quotes may or may not be charged to clients. Find one that offers binding quotes for free. Basically, two main factors are considered by interstate companies in pricing: the weight of the items and the distance of transport.
  • Check if a moving company is licensed and insured to make the move legal. You can do this by visiting the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (safersys.org). The search can be done by name, by MC number, or by USDOT number.
  • Also, you may look up the hotline number of FMCSA’s Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints. Call them to investigate past complaints against your prospects.

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